News update:

The police want to stop Fusion Festival

The Chief of Police of Neubrandenburg has refused to grant his approval for the safety concept for Fusion Festival 2019. The police’s view is that this year’s Fusion Festival should not be allowed to go ahead.
The reasons the police give are a lack of trust in the organisers and non-compliance with safety standards.

What is the police really concerned about?

The police would like to push through their demands for a police station in the middle of the festival grounds and for police patrols to supervise the festival.
Our position is that these demands are unlawful!

We are opposed to a permanent police presence for no specific reason at our festival!

Less that two months before our festival is due to start, we would really rather be dealing with other things than the Chief of Police of Neubrandenburg. However, according to a letter that we received on 2 May 2019, he has stated that he is withholding his permission for us to hold the festival.

The reason for this is that our safety concept does not include the Chief of Police’s repeated demands for a police station to be erected in the middle of the festival grounds and for police to patrol the festival around the clock and without specific reason.

In two articles currently circulating in the press, the Chief of Police also points to other “deficits” in our safety concept. However, the police have made it very clear to us that, regardless of these other issues, they will never agree to us holding the festival unless we agree to the police station and the patrols.

Admittedly, there are still some demands from other relevant authorities to address before we can get our permit for the festival - as is the case every year around this time. However, more than ever before, we are confident this year that we will be able to fully address and comply with all these formal demands.

In past years, the same authorities have always granted their approval for Fusion Festival to go ahead. And in all those years, we have been able to address practically all of their demands and build a good and trusting working relationship with all the relevant authorities.

Since 2013, a safety concept has been part of the permit approval process, and since then there have been very few changes to the festival concept or the structures on our site. The number of guests has also always ranged between 60,000 and 70,000 people. Our safety concept has been expanded and improved year on year to account for all the required safety standards. For a festival of this size, Fusion Festival has exemplary safety structures in place, which include over 10,000 workers for 70,000 guests (a ratio of 1:7).

In all of the years that the festival has been happening, the police has only had positive things to report about its work in connection with the festival and in cooperation with the organisers.

In short: The behaviour of the Chief of Police - his claim to withhold his permission for the festival on account of the structures on the site or an alleged lack of responsibility on the part of the organisers when they have a proven track record over many years - is almost grotesque. On this page, we would like inform our guests, other interested members of the public, and members of the press about this dispute and keep them up to date with all the latest developments.


Fusion and the association behind it Kulturkosmos e.V. have given generations of young people from the region a cosmopolitan, open and liberal minded view on the world.

Fusion Festival is:
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s most famous cultural event
Europe’s largest uncommercial, alternative cultural festival

Die Fusion und der veranstaltende Verein Kulturkosmos e.V. haben ganzen Generationen von Jugendlichen aus der Region eine kosmopolitische, weltoffene und liberale Weltanschauung mit auf den Weg gegeben.

Das Fusion Festival ist:
Mecklenburg-Vorpommerns bekannteste Kulturveranstaltung.
Das größte unkommerzielle, alternative Kulturfestival Europas.